What is Puigpull®

It is the only pocket corkscrew in the world who extract the bottle caps vertically. This feature makes it indispensable to open the bottles booking where caps can measure 42 mm. and classic two-stroke corkscrew can bend and break the cap.
Puigpull® is hand assembled and all of them are tested and reviewed one by one, now sold worldwide and has a lifetime warranty.

Our History

The Puig family history dates back since 1869 when all were either descendants winemakers or restaurateurs, until today.

Josep Puig, linked to wine restaurateur, conceived in 1978, in the Penedes the project to create a universal pocket corkscrew, it was more effective than existing for over two hundred years ago.

Aware of this need, and after much work, during the first five years he failed to achieve the desired objective.

It was not until he met Ramon Puig Brucart man of talent, when hope was rekindled. Working together for two years, the architect of genius Ramón in late 1988, demonstrated his ability to Josep giving the prototype pocket corkscrew most perfect in the world, which gave it the name “Puigpull”.

They were making the Puigpull®, crafted until 1998, when it was presented at the relevant fair AMBIENTE in Frankfurt, and won the prestigious Design Plus prize, which allowed him to be recognized worldwide.

During the period 1998-2013 more than 1 million Puigpull®, scattered around the world, with the Miquel Puig.

In 2013 retires and Antoni Miquel Fornes engineer businessman acquires patents and start a new process design Puigpull®.

From 2013 to 2015 have made changes in the manufacturing processes and quality control, with the challenge to improve a tested product that stands out above all for the quality of its components, their durability and for being the only world corkscrew extraction redesign Vertical pocket.

At the same time who starts a rebranding process, a online store and the participation in social networking websites begins to run, with the aim of strengthening the universality of Puigpull®.


All products sold under the name Puigpull® are tested and manufactured entirely in the European Union.