Electric Corkscrew with Infrared Thermometer


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Electric Corkscrew with Infrared Thermometer.

The charging dock marks the charge level and ambient temperature, you just have to bring the bottle of wine in the back for the wine indicator and immediately shows you the temperature who the wine is going to serve.

With this Electric Corkscrew, you can open your bottles of wine without any effort ; Simply press the button and your cork is smoothly extracted. To retrieve the cork just you press the bottom button and the cap will gently to pick it up in your hand.

Technical features:
– Cable less
– Uncork the bottle in less than 10 seconds
– Battery 8-hour charge.
– Can open up to 50 bottles without battery recharging.
– Includes a room thermometer that shows also the bottle temperature.
– Includes a foil cutter and instructions.

Not recommended for use with synthetic corks.


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